How To Talk To Your Audience In A Way That Resonates With Them

Maybe the most common sales mistake I see is not understanding or speaking to their audience in a way that resonates with them. Most people promote primarily with the intention of making a sale in mind.


And, while they may think about why their customers want their product, they don’t think about it in depth or with regard to the communication medium being used.


Always keep your audience in mind, and even if they are the same individuals, your existing audience is different when you communicate with them on different channels (email, social media, etc.).


Email is more commercial; you can broadcast to them in a more sales-focused manner. However, if you copy and paste your promotions to your blog or social media, you will most likely appear tone deaf and self-serving.


People want to be informed and entertained on increasingly content-based platforms (blogs, social media). They want to get something out of reading what you posted, even if they don’t need it right now, or they’ll tune you out.


Engaging your audience according to communication and medium


Here are a few thoughts on engaging your audience according to communication medium and purpose. Please let me know if you have any questions. I believe it has some really significant information that you may find beneficial.


When it comes to email, I believe that a single focus is preferable, especially since we are usually attempting to get a response from our emails. This means you’ll need to get to know your subscribers and write emails that will entice them to open them based on the subject line and what will entice them to click what’s within.


However, we don’t always have or need a singular focus when it comes to social networking.


Unless you’re specifically advertising a product, we’re usually seeking for engagement to establish a community…or at least, that’s how I perceive the ideal approach to use social media.


If you want to engage your audience on social media, you’ll probably have a single topic, but you’ll have different engagement points to encourage them to like and comment on your posts. Because more people will see your post if they like and comment on it.


Here are some ideas for increasing interaction in your posts (and in many cases, use more than one of them):

* Include a photograph to help illustrate your argument. Personal images are usually preferable to stock photos.

* Include footnotes and thoughts, as well as some humor.

* Ask multiple questions that will pique people’s interest while yet keeping your content succinct and straightforward.


In terms of social media advertising, I believe you should experiment with a single point of focus and several points of engagement, because engagement is still important in social media marketing. Whichever method you choose to use, remember that the goal is to connect with your audience so they can relate to you.