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    "Obscurity is hard to monetize. Get visible like your business depends on it (because it does)"

    Miss Jer Peters

    Online Business Visibility Coach

    Let's get you Visible.

    Are you ready to learn my 5 easy ways to use social media to grow your business without needing to show up online every second of every day?


    - The 3 stages of content marketing

    - Why you need to be seen by your ideal clients

    - My top 5 ways to get your business "out there" and in front of more of your ideal clients

    Hi, my name is Jer and I'm a Business Visibility Coach and Web Designer

    I teach small business owners and solopreneurs to show up online with value and authority to attract more of their ideal clients.

    I'll show you how you can spend less time in creation and hustle mode and more time working with clients and living your best life when your online presence works FOR you. Would you like to learn how?